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Digital branding is an unusual way to combine traditional branding processes with the new digital environment. Online advertising is based on a profound understanding of the technology combined with creative execution – the two growth engines of the internet. We at GENESIS believe that, through the right digital branding, we can give your business a real shot at conquering the web and becoming a leading brand. That’s the power of Google Ads.
As an advertising agency with much experience in carrying out projects on a range of budgets, we’ve developed an unbeatable method for making (almost) every idea succeed through online advertising. In recent years, we’ve partnered with businesses experiencing the dizzying rush when an idea takes the internet by storm. Sometimes it starts with one daring person’s idea, and sometimes it’s big international corporations wanting to start something new by Facebook Ads. GENESIS brings in-depth understanding of commercial branding processes and the digital environment to the table. Every company wants its internet advertising to show results. Every company wants its Facebook Ads to generate new customers. That’s exactly where we come in. GENESIS is the force behind hundreds of businesses that chose to go the business branding route, significantly accelerate online advertising, and Google Ads.

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Case Studies

Click to see what a business branding experience looks like and how we turn good ideas into successful brands.
Click to see what digital branding is all about, how internet advertising works, and how to combine Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Case Studies

Click to see what a business branding experience looks like and how we turn good ideas into successful brands.
Click to see what digital branding is all about, how internet advertising works, and how to combine Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

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How does digital Media branding for online advertising actually work?

It’s very easy to get lost in the internet jungle, which offers a vast range of advertising and marketing methods. But if you want to succeed in navigating this jungle and promote your business while still staying within budget, and if you understand that the right administration of advertising is the difference between success and failure, you’ve come to the right place. GENESIS has developed expertise in business advertising and marketing on the internet for many different businesses. We undertake an in-depth study of your business and its needs, and apply the knowledge we’ve amassed in our many years in the field. GENESIS is the secret of the success of hundreds of businesses that chose digital branding, incorporating all the leading technologies with unstoppable creative content. We invite you to submit your contact information – your first step to success

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Our Team

Our team consists of dynamic creative and technological talents who get business, breathe business, and, more than anything else, knows how to generate success through online advertising.

Yaniv Peretz

CEO and Marketing Director

Ben Shamir

VP Customers

Anat Avishar

VP Finances

Maayan Schwartz

Clients Manager

Dana Raz

Branding and Advertising Consultant

Naama Shimshoni

Branding and Advertising Consultant

Dalit Golan

Clients Manager

Eliran Dahan

Facebook Page Manager

Aviv Isenberg

Graphic Designer

Lital Ben Yosef

Studio Manager

May Elkovski

Graphic Designer

Asaf Rotstain

Interactive Developer


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Business branding takes place through advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Waze, and more. We provide a full internet advertising package that will help you conquer the web!

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Internet Advertising with GENESIS Media!

online advertising is no longer a luxury. It’s a must. Imagine owning a store at the biggest mall in the world where your name doesn’t even appear at the entrance. How exactly are people going to find you? It’s the same on the internet, except that it’s more like a galaxy than a mall – a galaxy with trillions of websites. If you want to be a part of this digital universe, you must have your own website as a first step. Web developer is the first step in your presence in the digital world, but you have to pick a website builder that can match the website to your kind of business. Your website is your digital shop window. It has to be connected to your business in reality and share the same marketing and advertising concepts, such as using the same logo, slogan, etc. Matching your website to your business is important because you want to convey a consistent message, which helps site surfers understand your company and the services and/or goods you offer. A good site is built on visuals and contents that relate to your marketing goals and to a psychological understanding of your surfers. We don’t want them just visiting the site: we want them to become your customers. Before we build a website, we at GENESIS Media hold a brainstorming session with all our developers, programmers, graphic artists, and marketing personnel, so that decisions on the type of site, its structure, design, and contents will all generate the best possible outcomes for our clients and motivate surfers to buy, growing our client’s business activity. And it works!

!Online Advertising with GENESIS Media

One of the basic laws of advertising is to be where everyone else is. (That’s why the most expensive billboards are located where the worst traffic jams occur…) The same is true in the digital world. Everyone’s on Facebook. That’s a fact. Our data show that at least 4 million Israelis use Facebook, most of them daily, which means that if you want to advertise on Facebook, chances are that someone will see it. Today, Facebook has the advertising tools that serve basic functions for potential advertisers, such as segmentation of the target audience and their interests and goals. Using these tools, it is possible to get to a very specifically targeted audience on the basis of their interests, geographical area, age, and so on. Facebook ads can therefore yield impressive results, because it gets advertisers as close as possible to their target audiences who are already on Facebook and open to your message. GENESIS Media’s Facebook marketing experts take an exacting approach in order to shape a successful Facebook campaign. Only well thought-out, painstaking, meticulous work results in the identification and segmentation of target audiences, the right timing, and relevant contents that can generate thousands of “Likes,” some of which is translated into sales. When advertising on Facebook, the real advantage of working with GENESIS Media is its personnel’s ability, on the one hand, to create opportunities for the web surfers, and, on the one hand, to exploit the platform for maximal visibility and exposure of our clients’ websites precisely for the target audiences seeking out the goods and/or services our clients offer. It works.

!facebook Advertising with GENESIS Media

To all intents and purposes, Google is your gateway to the digital world. As such, it offers more than a few smart advertising tools that GENESIS Media’s Google marketing experts know how to use and exploit on behalf of our clients. You can pay Google for a series of banners and ads that, with a single click, bring surfers to your website or landing page, but there is also free promotion that can be effected through the organic nature of your contents – if your contents includes certain keywords that Google recognizes, equivalent of a code to the door of the internet providing access to specific websites. These keywords, which are often syntactically incorrect and/or seemingly illogical, are the product of the consciousness of surfers who looked for information and spontaneously entered search word pairs or longer phrases with the hope that they would find the information they needed. Over time, these pairs or phrases became idioms that Google recognizes as being indicative of certain sites (even if they’re not in English), as its algorithm perceives them as a specific search. We invite you to learn what Google’s advantages can do for your advertising through the experience accumulated by GENESIS Media’s Google experts. Experience counts for a great deal, and our clients are already enjoying the positive leads and lively activity on their sites thanks to our various campaigns. Our Google marketing experts have a method that works.

Instagram Advertising with GENESIS Media!

Advertising on Instagram doesn’t look like advertising at all. Featuring pictures and quips, it is popular and user-friendly. Data published by the Israeli business daily Globes indicate that 28 percent of the public uses Instagram, and the average age of its users is 29. The last two years have seen a whopping 91 percent increase in its use, a testament to the application’s immense popularity. With Instagram advertising, you can use a single image to say something about your product or service that thousands of words would fail to convey. Instagram favors the ability to be original and artistic, to play with the angle of the photograph, to impress, amuse, arouse interest, and grab people’s attention, because it turns your advertising into something beyond what it is by presenting you as creative. We have a great many creative approaches to Instagram advertising. We know how to hit the consumer’s sweet spot, because we not only work in advertising – we breathe and live it! We at GENESIS Media believe that every client deserves to be the best. That’s our since desire. We love what we do, and love the process of getting there. When people work with passion and delight, the process is always better and more – much more! – successful. At GENESIS Media, you’ll get a business branding package consisting of consultation, partnership, and full attention to you – the owner. We are always looking to learn, which is why we are getting even better at what we do, and we put that to work for you so you can become the leader in your business. Business branding is done best when it is focused and coordinated. That way, your business and success will grow, and you’ll see the result in your bottom line. With GENESIS Media, you can prepare for outstanding outcomes and innovative, enthusiastic service, because we focus on excellence. Over and over again, excellence leads to success, whether it’s internet advertising, Google advertising, Facebook advertising, or Instagram advertising. Our ground-breaking method is effective. We have a method. And it works.

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