It all started with a vision.

Since 2007, GENESIS has led a new approach to the vast inherent potential of branding. Many businesses have understood that every business and idea need a complete, high-quality branding envelope, created on a tight schedule and guaranteed to generate measurable results. Branding goes a very long way in helping a business succeed, and it involves characterization, the construction of a visual and content concept, the creation of advertising products, such as the name, the logo, the slogan, and promoting the business, as well as constructing a stable customer base.

What is success?

This is not something that is usually said in advertising, but GENESIS believes it has a professional mission to see its clients succeed. A business that succeeds thanks to our work is the real payoff for our efforts. We know that businesses pay top dollar for advertising in order to succeed, and that is why we do everything – everything! – to make your product or service into a leading brand. A leading brand is a profitable brand, and the profit is that of your business.

How do we do it?

By working hard. Professional business branding begins first and foremost by truly understanding your business, its marketing needs, and the advantages it offers. We delve into the most arcane details in order to make your business stand out, and extract the most precisely tuned marketing and advertising solution for it. We do this while using the most effective branding and advertising means.

Service guarantee

We at GENESIS Media, its management, and staff, hereby declare that your advertising and branding project will be managed in the most effective way possible, and provide you with a positive, valuable experience. Together, we will carry out a process that will generate a great deal of insight, look at your business from new and refreshing angles, and reach new understandings. We promise to carry out the project in the most professional, thorough manner, from the initial getting-to-know-you stage to the most advanced stages of planning and implementing the right strategy.

As you know, digital advertising is a complex field. In many cases, clients have no way of knowing the quality of the services they’re buying. GENESIS Media invests significant resources into development, and devotes particular attention to the use of the most innovative and powerful technologies. We are developing open source software, accessible and free to anyone who wants to use it.

We hereby declare that all the professionals involved in your project are experts in their fields, and have the right background and experience to do the job. Our professionals will perform to the best of their abilities, while paying particular attention to the goals defined and reaching them.

We hereby commit ourselves to complete transparency and keeping our clients informed via meetings and detailed, precise digital reports, at any given time.

GENESIS Media is committed excellent client relations and personal responsibility. We strive to meet our deadlines and presenting our clients with all the options available in branding and advertising.

Our goal is to turn our clients into market leaders by creating real business differentiation that sets you apart from your competition, increases sales, and creates the best business image for your brand.

Signed, The GENESIS Staff.

Our Credentials

Our Team

Our team consists of dynamic creative and technological talents who get business, breathe business, and, more than anything else, knows how to generate success through internet advertising.

Yaniv Peretz

CEO and Marketing Director

Ben Shamir

VP Customers

Anat Avishar

VP Finances

Lital Ben Yosef

Studio Manager

May Elkovski

Graphic Designer

Maayan Schwartz

Clients Manager

Naama Shimshoni

Branding and Advertising Consultant

Dana Raz

Branding and Advertising Consultant

Itay Dublin

Clients Manager

Dalit Golan

Clients Manager

Reut Shealtiel

Graphic Designer

Aviv Isenberg

Graphic Designer

Asaf Rotstain

Interactive Developer