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Online advertising today!

As of 2014, In Israel there were over 5.6 million users of the internet. Based on surveys about the surfing habits of Israelis, 45% of the time they are online, according to ALEXA website, the four most popular websites are Google, Facebook, YouTube and Ynet.

The immense power of the online exposure in light of these numbers gave rise to a possibility of an adverting process on the new media internet as one of the goals of every company and business, small and big alike.

According to Globes, the advertising budget on the digital in 2014 was 28% (NIS 818 million).

This is in comparison to 18% in 2013, what shows a significant strengthening of investment in budgets in online campaigns.

The largest advertising platform is Google, while YouTube is also starting to show a growing trend for advertising for business and companies, with videos that range from fixing your scooter to how to brush your teeth the right way. There is no doubt that there isn’t a fresher and more effective advert than that…

In comparison to the data of advertising on the digital, the data for advertising on television channels is 41% and is the leader between all the types of media. Advertising in newspapers is at 23% (advertising online has already surpassed it), radio 7% and billboards 5% and that’s why now more than ever it is a great time to start a process of online advertising.

Why should small advertisers advertise online?

Our advertising and marketing experts explain the advertising advantages for small and medium businesses in the new media era. Because Online Advertising works. 

The fact that this a virtual world into which all the websites are crammed, super-companies and huge brands alongside adverts of one-man businesses or businesses on a small or medium scale, creates for the first time an equality in the exposure that has nothing to do with the size of the company or the concern. In other words – a landing page of an exterminator could reach every user who reaches the new ones from Nike, meaning, when it comes to an online advertising campaign, the net cannot rank or screen an advertisement based on the size or on the level of the company and the exposure the advertisers get is identical regardless of what the branding process one company or another underwent. Another clear advantage to large companies is the organic exposure that is not done by them, but happens due to them being big players in their field. They are on the news; they are part of a cooperation that gives them more stages for and internet advertising. It is important to say that this also helps a lot in the process of advertising on Google in that they are ranked in a high position in the users’ searches and Google also notices it and ranks them accordingly and therefore if there is an advantage for large companies in exposure it is organic and not initiated. Seo promotion on Google is promotion that works. And gets the job done right.

How viral are you?

The big secret of the internet is what will succeed and what won’t. Our experts point out a few things you should pay attention to in every campaign: originality, availability and target audience segmentation. Whether it is advertising on Google for example, but also on Facebook there are technological tools that help advertisers reach the users they marked. Remarketing works very well when you are looking for a dress and it chases you all day and on everywhere you go online. Meaning –using the right technological tools while analyzing the results in a short or long period of time and choosing the right advertising campaign, whether it is on Google online advertising or on Facebook advertising , can definitely make the difference for any company or business.

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