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Logo for small business

Many of the small business owners believe that they will only need logo design when they will grow and become household names in their fields, but it is definitely a mistake to think like this. The company logo, however small or big the company might be, represents its identity.

It is the logo that leaves the first impression and therefore determines to a large extent the opinion of the new customers that are being recruited at any given moment. Logo design for small businesses can help build an image and recruit customers and the sooner you do that, the sooner you will earn profits for the long term. This is your place as a business owner to decide whether your customer will think that you put your heart and soul into your business or whether you couldn’t care less about it.

Your logo, when it is designed well, helps the company to deliver through it the company’s key points as well as its beliefs and values, assists in recruiting customers while creating a positive effect on them and leaves a unique and easy to remember mark.

The logo design has great impact in the process of business branding, which is just as important for a small business as it is for a large one (and maybe even more so). Clients that have been exposed to your logo once, when they come across it in the future they will get a sense of familiarity and that’s why the odds that they will decide to contact you will be higher, even if in the first encounter they have not done so.

So, how do you design a logo for your business?

Designing a logo for a small business is done in exactly the same way you design a logo for any business. You need to take into consideration countless parameters that portray the company and incorporate them in a symbol that gets the message across in a clear and concise way.

Logo design starts with knowing the company through and through– what it deals with, what are the services it provides, what is its organizational culture, what its main goals and targets are, what are the messages it has to portray to the customer in order to make a first impression, what is the company’s uniqueness in relation to its competitors and so on.

Making the logo design fit the business specifically:

Afterwards you need to form the logo to the company’s colors and of course to that same branding process and to the messages it would like to portray. Every color represents (whether consciously or subconsciously) a different message for your customers and it is of utmost importance to emphasize matching the colors to the company’s message. A logo can also contain one of your business’s leading slogans, and that will be what will be stuck in your customer’s head both visually and vocally, which is why you need to put a lot of thought into this point. If it has been decided to incorporate words in the logo – you must choose the slogan after giving it lots of consideration.

It is important to keep in mind:

That the logo design work does not end here – the logo has to be simple enough, unique enough and to match the spirit of the time we live in and also fit the online advertising platform It has to be adapted to be able to be printed on every product, including advertising products such as cups, t-shirts, hats and calendars. It also has to look great on the office stationery and envelopes (also in black and white), on business cards that are obviously smaller and of course your business logo has to look its best on billboards and computer screens.

Profession technique for designing a logo:

That’s why a professional logo has to be done in a vectorial manner, so that you could use it in any marketing platform in the future including internet advertising. In short, a logo that portrays the company’s values without using a single word is the perfect logo for your business whether it is big or small.

And remember – even when you come across a company whose services are identical to another company’s but one of them has a logo and the other doesn’t – you will most likely choose the one with the logo, since a logo usually conveys establishment and success, seniority, professionalism, credibility, as well as the company taking itself seriously. All this also subconsciously affects the way it treats its customers.

If you would also like to brand yourself using a winning logo and to attract customers from first glance – contact us today. We have been specializing for many years in designing logos for small and large business alike.

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