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Logo design for small businesses in the new media!

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Logo design for small businesses in the new media!

The new media – the online advertising has turned and completely changed the hierarchy between small and large business. In the Digital everyone is equal. Imagine for yourself the world of the Digital. A screen and a computer, a laptop or a tablet and there you have the full equality between small and large businesses. Today the logo design for small businesses is a must, not to mention inevitable, in a world in which we are all equal on the screen, but not off it.

Advertising for small businesses – first of all logo design!

Are you asking yourself why logo design for small businesses? The new media revolution that enables everyone to be where everyone is, meaning in the virtual world, has led the small businesses to a place where they wouldn’t have dreamt of being in the era of offline advertising. Since when do small businesses have an advertising budget like that of a large business? And when have you ever seen a double-page advertising ad for a small business in the supplement of the newspaper that was the most wide-spread in the country? It is all about money, prestige, presence and huge budgets. And all of a sudden here comes the new media and enables every small and large business to have the same place, the same advertising space, the same means of advertising, the same technology. For the first time there is equality in advertising of the digital world, whether it .is advertising on Google or on any other platform, the virtual is what brought on this equality.

A logo can also be viral!

So your investment in a campaign process of advertising on Facebook can already be seen, and it is enough that somebody decided that they share your logo, and their friend decided that they will share your status, and here you have a thread of a logo that never thought it would get viral intensity since it is of a very small business. But the graphic designer who designed that logo had a spark of genius and therefore, as a symbol or a picture or a representation it was liked by the users and here it starts to snowball and within a week this logo has become the .talk of posts and likes.

Yes this can happen especially if your designer thinks like the likes of Picasso.

Logo – original, exciting, touching

It’s true that sometimes it is a small symbol, literally 2 lines, but how many lines does Adidas have – three and just try to steal one of their lines… to do something similar. And speaking of Adidas, experts in online branding and internet advertising say that Adidas wanted to take legal action in order to determine that they have exclusivity on a five line symbol for eternity, so that no one will try to copy them around their three, and heaven forbid mislead the consumers, but the court did not accepted this claim and held Adidas to sit and think about .their next claim

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