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Logo design for restaurants – marketing in pepper and salt

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Logo design for restaurants – marketing in pepper and salt

There is no doubt that Israel has come a long way from using olive oil in the kitchen not for lighting candles … and until a restaurant has ordered logo design. Today Israel is considered a culinary destination and you can definitely see that in the cooking workshops, state of the art home kitchens, cooking shows, magazines about food and many fine restaurants all over the country.

Our experts, who specialize in the field of online advertising and logo design for many coffee shops and restaurants all over Israel, explain how Israel has gone from Falafel to Carpaccio and attribute it to the exposure of Israelis to the world that took place in the 70s. They explain that the fact that Israel has become a culinary destination has actually happened from the side of the consumers who travelled the world and came back with a different palate that is asking for a new kind of food, food that has a different taste and no more of that tasteless chicken.

If we were to look at the map of the restaurant development in Israel, we will see that the exposure to a different kind of food that has made its way to Israel did not only come from the audience but also from those who set in motion opening dining establishments after they have been exposed to different flavors abroad. Many restaurants in Israel opened since their owners felt and have had a culinary experience abroad and wanted to do something similar in Israel.

The first restaurant in Israel- the dining room in the kibbutz…

If we look back, we will see that the beginning of the culinary art in the Israeli cuisine began in the kitchens of the kibbutz of all places. There, the dishes were named after the person who came up with them… Hannah’s Mashed Potatoes, Shifra’s Cake… There is no doubt that they had cool and authentic names, but who in the kibbutz would have even dreamed of designing a logo for the cheese that came from Moona the Cow…

The Kibbutz members surely didn’t even dream about a pizza. The flavors were simple and healthy, fresh produce straight from the field and nature with the simplest dishes that lacked inspiration being cooked week after week. The food was a means of survival and existence, people were not spoiled and all they wanted after a long day of hard labor in the cultivation of field crops was a full stomach and a bed to sleep in.

A mixing of cuisines and holidays – the beginning of the Israeli culinary art!

The fact that Israel is an ingathering of Jews from all over the world with so many different ethnic groups and cuisines, has made it one of the countries with the widest varieties of flavors and spices in the Middle East. Nowhere else in the world you will find an Iraqi woman shopping alongside a Polish woman in the same spice store in order to buy spices from different corners of the world. This is the essence of being Israeli and the versatility of its ethnic cultures.

It took about 20 years until the Polish people were willing to taste Jachnun and until the Yemenites starting eating Sabich. All this variety has created an infinite blend of gourmet restaurants and an endless number of inventions and variations of ethnic cuisines that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world.

We will add to that the export of flavors, a breakthrough of new restaurants. New concepts alongside new cuisines, and this is what is happening nowadays in the field and when you deal with marketing in internet advertising platform such as Google or marketing on Facebook you need to portray that breakthrough of the new restaurants in the best way possible.

Our experts of restaurant branding explain that Israel’s small territory, and the possibility of family gatherings on holidays in a relative crowdedness, have developed a dining culture from which you can learn a lot about the abundance of restaurants that cook home cooked food and restaurants in general in Israel and thus you can customize a unique logo design for every restaurant that will be just as unique as it is.

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