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Logo design – A dream coming true

logo design

Logo design – A dream coming true

A company can change many hands, a logo can’t. This fact embodies more or less the importance of a logo. People get used to a logo, customers look for the logo, there is a connection to the logo, and people develop feelings for the logo. It is memorable, catchy and represents the company, its products and service. Therefore, a logo is designed only once and forever and you never change it. Even if the company changes hands, the logo remains the way it is forever.

It doesn’t matter that the logo was designed 100 years ago, if the company still exists and works in the same field for which the logo has been designed, it will continue with that logo even if today there are many more graphic options. Because the whole point of the logo is that you have to love it, and if you love it you cannot change it, since you do not replace something you love… the right design – that’s the right way to do it.

Logo is a matter of habit!

In today’s consumerism world you can’t beat habits. They are stronger than any new product, as branded as it may be, as state of the art, as seductive, yet the consumers want the old and the familiar, they want to hang on to their habits and they don’t want to let them go. You get used to a logo! It’s like those loving arms, that something to lean on that the consumers need, the thing that makes them feel comfortable and secure.

And everything that the logo contains, it encompasses the confidence that the product projects to them, to their habits and that’s why they want that logo and why there is absolutely no way will you be able to sell them any product with a different logo, not even the same product with a different logo. Logo is the product. The product undergoes a process of logo design so that it will be exactly as it should be so that it will be the chosen product from the shelf of competing products. Logo design is a way to show your product in the online advertising platform. 

The consumers grow with the logo!

Of course logo design is not everything but it certainly is the desired beginning of a prefect process of an effective consumer product that works. Consumers buy something that is right and that its logo represents it properly. We are talking about a perfect fit between product and logo and about a straight line that passes through them, one that is clear and understandable.  There is no gap between logo and product – they are one. A product that has undergone a brainstorming process when they came up with its logo design together with the product quality and effectiveness will make it such! A branded and quality consumer good!

The consumers get used to the product, it becomes their daily routine and in this manner the logo has become a part of the way they use the product. What does that mean? Without the logo your shirt will not look the same, without the logo your coffee will not taste the same…without the logo, the product will not be the same product!!

When you start the process of working on a logo design for products, you must put an emphasis on a wide variety of layers, and once it is done properly, you turn the product into what it is. You turn the product’s logo into a symbol of people’s lives and in this way you make people identify themselves with those habits that they love so much.

A good logo design is done at a good internet advertising agency . When you choose such an agency you get in return a unique, personal and winning logo!

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