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Facebook advertising or Google Online advertising?

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Facebook advertising or Google Online advertising?

As a digital internet advertising company we examine the product or service of each client for which we want to do an advertising campaign and find the ultimate solution that is suitable for that product or service. The decision of what kind of advertising to do is based on the product itself, its target audiences, its marketing niche and its usefulness. All these determine whether we will on Facebook Advertising or on Google online Advertising ,what type of advertising we will do and so on.

Facebook Advertising!

Every business or company, in addition to a website, needs to have a business page on Facebook. Facebook Advertising is a critical and crucial step in order to reach your target audience. When you open a Facebook page you get to a page that shares with its users posts about a product or a service, offers them to take part in a certain campaign, invites them to like the page and immediately makes them members of the loyalty program of the business page. As members of that program they will receive from time to time various advertisements so that they will be updated on sales, campaigns and worthwhile offers and their cooperation will create a digital dialogue at the end of which they may become potential customers and ambassadors of that product.

Google Online Advertising!

Advertising on Google creates a series of banners and ads about a new product, a new price, a promotion, launch of a product and more. This is an advertising in which you design ads and banners for a specific product. This campaign is supposed to appear in the right places for exposing the product, usually on websites or portals that have an attachment to the product, to its usability and its target audiences are also the audiences for similar products in a specific portal

The exposure leads to higher visibility, and the campaign has to be designed in a professional manner that fits the product name, branding and more. The comments are supposed to generate quality leads and to increase the marketing data.

Advertising on Facebook and on Google!

It is hard to say that advertising on Google Online Advertising has priority over on Facebook advertising  when it comes to every product. There are products that it is right to boost and expose in a series of posts on Facebook and there are products that certainly “speak” the advertising language of Google, but eventually your digital internet advertising company will be the one to decide what is the state of mind and the type of banners or ads on Google or alternatively how to correctly market you via advertising on Facebook. Each platform is so different. For example, the process of promotion on Facebook has different rules than those of Google and vice versa. All you just need is to understand and to succeed.

“Social” ads on Facebook

Facebook in its nature as being a social network demands campaigns that are more “social” which are manifested in cute and amusing phrasing to match the spirit of the network itself, it’s all still very chummy/pally and likey, whether it is a new logo for the company, a photo or a video you will post, it all has to squeeze a friendly reaction from the users that just logged in in order to chat with their friends.

On Google, on the other hand, you need to show a different advertising and professional knowledge. Otherwise don’t try it at home alone.

We have a long line of customers who were able to double and triple their income via Facebook advertising campaign and of course via Google Online Advertising using seo promotion on Google. We encourage you to contact us, A leading digital internet advertising company  and will take off with you on a campaign that is the perfect fit for your product or service.

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