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Facebook Advertising – know your target audience!

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising – know your target audience!

You know the targeting ability that follows the users, it is already deep within the net and you are already deep within it.

You must have noticed that it is picking up speed every day and that it does not miss a single one of your searches. If, for example, you searched for a motorcycle online, the next few times you will surf the web, all your motorcycle searches will appear before you and remind you that you still haven’t bought one. That’s what online advertising is, and it works.

The same thing happens with a dress, apartment, exterminator, and a pergola. Your every search, every time you go into a website makes you a client that expressed and interest that the net is starting to “bug” him. In reality you would say that thus is one hell of an annoying salesperson, but online everything is wrapped in impressive technology and that’s why it’s called targeting. And it is very smart.

Careful, you’re being watched….

The Facebook platform is an amazing product from the field of information collecting. The simple questions Facebook asks each user that signs up are nothing in comparison to the analysis of the information that flows to it about the users, and this is not due to the tiny amount of information they wrote about themselves, but and mostly due to their use of Facebook. That’s how Facebook advertising works. Reaching your target audience is closer than ever.

Facebook knows who liked what and how much, when and where. It knows what hours you’re online. It knows where you live and if you have a cat, what you’re interested in, what couch you want to sell, who you’re mad at and when you will never react. It knows what videos you post, what pictures you like and who your best friends are. When a business starts a campaign of Facebook advertising it appeals exactly to you, you are its target audience.  

You have been searching for years for your target audience!

Important announcement: They are where half of the population of Israel is – on Facebook!

On the one hand the extent of what Facebook can learn and measure about you in an exact and in-depth laser analysis is scary; on the other, this information is the dream of anyone who works in adverting and of the advertisers themselves, who for years have been racking their brain in order to locate and reach their target audience. And via advertising on Facebook they are right there. How easily Facebook amasses, segments and analyzes them and it’s all right there in front of it effortlessly, simply due to technological tools that know how to collect data. Only that these tools are what it’s all about, and there isn’t a business owner today that does not understand that this targeting via advertising on Facebook is a goldmine for any business owner who wants to increase his client audience and to reach the target audiences they’ve been searching for years and didn’t know where to find them.  So yes, we have an important announcement for you, business owner; – your target audiences can be found where half of the population of is – on Facebook. Today more than ever you can reach them easily via advertising on Facebook with professional branding company. So easy that it’s hard to believe it’s that simple.

Learning to work with the platform!

Advertising error: 16-year-olds are not looking for old folks’ homes….

The wisdom of advertising on Facebook demands understanding the platform and an exact and efficient use of the information it holds. Thus for example, appealing to target audiences who have relevant interest yet are located far away will not produce customers. To the same extent, appealing to interested parties who show a wide and varied interest, might not necessarily hit your target audiences. It is not a focused and quality move and it could be a waste of time and resources.
Using the Facebook graph search enables advertisers to identify potential target audiences who have liked certain things or are following a certain page, to identify their fields of interests, their gender and age group. Just like there is a need to check and to do competitors analysis, there is also a need to segment and to target your audience.

Targeting the audiences in this way could produce amazing results that hit the mark. Advertising on Facebook using the right tools of targeting and user analysis will produce good results for a Facebook advertising campaign that that is done according to the data and  knows who, when, in what language and in what visual to turn to its target audiences. Thus for example, if an old folks’ home will start a Facebook advertising campaign using the right tools, it will not reach 16-year-olds who are not looking for old folks’ homes…. All that’s left for you to do is to find a company that knows how to do business branding the right way in order to lead you to the next step.

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