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City branding- is Tel Aviv the only city that never sleeps?


City branding- is Tel Aviv the only city that never sleeps?

The first city in Israel that paid attention to branding is the city of Tel Aviv that came out with the famous slogan “A city that never sleeps”. It wants to say that everything here is interesting, fascinating, colorful, exciting. One big party, a city that never sleeps.

It could aim correctly to the messages the city wants to portray and also fulfills in reality. Tel Aviv was the first city in Israel in which supermarkets were open on Shabbat (of course this still happens to this day). It was the first city that operated cinemas on Shabbat. Cultural events, shows and exhibitions are premiered in it first and it has an image of a city that has everything of everything and it also never stops living.

Would the image of a city that never sleeps have been suitable for every city? Our branding experts explain that in case of Tel Aviv, the territory connected with the image. Tel Aviv definitely is a city in which everything takes place at the same time and in crowdedness, and for that’s why the slogan a city that never sleeps defines exactly what happens in it and those who love to live and never sleep are invited to live in Tel Aviv.

Nature and history as a motif in city branding!

The branding of the city of Tel Aviv relies on what is happening in the city today and it works correctly with the desire to present the city as innovative, up to date, a city of young people with a lot of joie de vivre. On the other hand, there are many cities that in the process of city branding they undergo, there is a use of their past and their history.

Many times city branding will be done based on the city’s past, say our branding experts in our internet advertising. Developing and investing in the historical remains will turn them into tourist sites that will attract tourists to the city as well as residents who like to live in a place with a unique past and history.

A city like that will develop its natural resources, so that the tourists will continue to have a good time in it. This is more or less what all the cities in the north of Israel that have in their city limit historical relics or a fascinating past offer. They invest resources and budgets in history alongside branding the city as a city of tourism and recreation whether it is via advertising on Google, in a newspaper, on television, on the radio or anywhere else.

Jerusalem – holy places and restaurants…

Since we already mentioned city branding, Jerusalem is the holiest city in the world to the three major religions. Our branding experts say that it’s not accidently that the city brands itself in the fields of food and culture, since it already has holiness and an abundance of it. Most of the tourists that come to Jerusalem come for religious reasons in order to visit the places that are holy to them.  Over the years we can observe the way in which Jerusalem is trying to get out of the holiness and to offer other types of entertainment that appeals to young people and to families such as restaurants and culture, say our experts.

A city cannot exist on faith alone; people want to come to a city that has a great restaurant, an interesting pedestrian mall and one-of-a-kind cultural events. Part of the city branding process that Jerusalem is undergoing relates also to creating the cultural events and the museums in its city limits and can be found via advertising on Facebook where a lot of information can be found about the different events in the Holy City. There is definitely a difference between the cultural events that take place in Jerusalem and the cultural events that take place in Tel Aviv. In Tel Aviv there are a lot of small events in a lot of small clubs and entertainment centers, in Jerusalem there are huge events that invite the entire country to come and enjoy a show in Sultan’s Pool or the fair in Hutzot Hayotzer where every Jerusalem stone was born Jerusalemite and it will speak Hebrew in a way that only a true Jerusalemite can…  

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