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Business branding for the family business


Business branding for the family business

One of the things customers look for in companies is a feeling of a home, family, personal attention and more than that – they are looking for a business with a mother and a father that is translated for them as an address, responsibility and commitment. A business you will buy an apartment from and you won’t end up receiving just a plan on a piece of paper, like we know unfortunately happens.

One of the prominent advantages of family companies is that they project strength, team work and loyalty. Meaning, the customer never imagines that one day the son will quit the team and will give the media information about “ramping”, we are talking about a family business in any case… on the other hand the client feels secure in a family business and company and that’s why he thinks they won’t get to ramping, meaning the team operates as a team, each one contributes the best they can to the family business and that’s why it will be stable and profitable enough and there won’t be a need to deviate from the norm.

Branding for a family business – what are our values?

When we talk about business branding, we usually ascribe great importance to the values and the advantages of the business. We, as a branding company that specializes in business branding, will always try to locate and find the elements that exist in the business and can turn it into a branded business. These elements are many and differ from business to business and from one field to another. Usually we talk about what the client would like to get, such as: responsibility, quality, a good home, seal of approval, service and so on.

If we detail the term family business we will see that it within itself already embodies many of the advantages that turn a business into a brand. Logo design always helps in addition, but like we said before, strength, stability and a good and responsible home are what the clients are looking for when they purchase small and large products alike. They have all that in a family business, since unlike others, in this business everyone does everything in order for the company to succeed. Why? Because it’s the family’s.

Business branding from many generations!

In Israel there quite a few family businesses that have become the leading brands in today’s market, for example Strauss that started as a small dairy farm in Nahariya and became an empire of milk products.

Strauss is only one example but there are many more family businesses that passed down from the generation of the pioneers to the generation of the children and grandchildren, and they will always do everything in order to continue the family business since beyond what it represents to the customer, it represents the achievements and the pride of the entire family. That’s why the offspring of that family will do everything so that the business will continue to exist and to carry the family name proudly.

Something to think about – business branding of a family business!

When a branding internet advertising company like ours will do business branding for your family business, we will of course relate to the prominent advantages a family business has that include, among others:

  • Stability
  • Reliability
  • strength 
  • Team work
  • History
  • Products
  • Development of products
  • Quality of products (or service)
  • Responsibility and commitment
  • A business with a mother and father and sometimes even a grandfather and grandmother
  • A location in the industry and in the field
  • Financial successes
  • Inventions and developments
  • Breakthroughs
  • Overcoming difficulties and hard times
  • Experience
  • Pioneering 

All these advantages provide an added value to every business.  They position it as a stable business, with responsibility and years of experience, as a business that succeeded in overcoming hardships for many years and still continues to exist and keep its place, as a business that overtook its competitors by surprise possibly due to the fact that it’s a family business. Since we are not talking about decisions of one person or of a board of directors that is detached, but about a family that cares about the business and will do everything so that it will continue to succeed and exist and that’s why it began a campaign of business branding for the family business.

Business branding for the family business – a tribute to the pioneering generations!

Part of the treatment of business branding to the family business will also be done by a historical review of the founding generations, the people, the discoveries, the decisions and all the ups and downs the business went through until it reached where it is today. A story of a family business paints a pioneering picture of desire and aspirations, of a family coming together, of hard work, of vision and faith which in themselves are important values of the products or the services of this company. It testifies to its willingness, unwilling to compromise, the ability to fight and the insistence and it testifies indirectly on its quality as well. Since those that insist on a company, also insist on quality, and it’s obvious. And quality is a brand. And when you need branding you need business branding.

Business branding for the family business creates consumer loyalty!

There are people that it doesn’t matter many how many stores that sell pickled herring will open right outside their window, will continue to go to the same legendary store located far away, that today is run by the sons of the great founder, where the father of these customers would buy his fish there and nowhere else.

There is no doubt that a family business creates consumer loyalty that passes through generations, but more than that, there are family businesses that have products that are exclusively theirs, that are a kind of secret, a recipe that passes from one generation to another and that’s why the customers will never leave.

On the other hand, a recipe is a good place to start to turn this business into a super brand.  If you have a special cookie recipe from Grandma Alice, or pasta that you make at home and there is nothing like it the world over and you want to turn it into a business, you are invited to contact us – a professional and personal advertising agency so that we will know from which end of the spaghetti to start branding you. And don’t forget that secret ingredient…

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