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Business branding – a guaranteed success!


Business branding – a guaranteed success!

Characterizing your product or service is supposed to detail them to a list of values and advantages. When talking about developing a brand, you need to understand not only what the exclusive advantages of your product are, but also in which marketing direction to take it and this is the first step on its way to business branding.

There are many products whose entrepreneurs or owners do not even realize that they have a brand in their hands. It could be an excellent homemade hummus, it could be a bicycle light that turns off during the day, in fact it could be anything that has an interesting and good usability and is essential and what it has cannot be found in any similar product.

This is also the place to emphasize that even if there are similar products on the market, for example hummus, you can take your hummus and brand it. Business branding is what you say so that people will know, think like you, and want that hummus and not any other. Business branding is what you taste in your hummus and the taste you want others to taste.

Step 1: Name, logo and slogan

Business branding is a statement, an opinion, a slogan, a sentence, a name, an experience and so much more. When talking about food for example usually the product characterization will ask to catalogue this specific food also by its usability (saves time, fast, etc.), the experience (exquisite home cooked flavors) and all this will be expressed in the product name, logo and slogan.  The character and the ages of its target audiences will determine how the product will be characterized. If for example, it’s a hamburger for young people only it will say “Even in Australia you won’t find one like this” and if its gluten-free food it will say “not actually free but it does care about how much you pay”. There is a direct and tight connection between the product characterization and its target audiences. Later on, there is also great importance to the package and the marketing.

Step 2: The messages inside the package!

The package of a product can be interpreted in a thousand and one ways, examples, colors, lines and so on. The package of a product is one of the most important elements in its characterization and branding process. Its color will determine what message it wants to transfer, its shape will stimulate the imagination towards the advantages of the product, its texture will attest to its quality and the package is essentially the most perfect fit that can be for any product in the process of its development. It is the uniform, it stands in the battlefront, it transfers messages, encourages feelings, creates niches and makes you fall in love. It makes the product belong to a certain niche, and it will also help market it in its niche. A package is everything. A package is an indispensable part of the business branding process and it is certainly important in the entire process of advertising a product.

Step 3: Marketing the product

All the steps a product or a service undergo on the way to business branding, of course make the business to a branded business. The continuation of the process will be by the designated marketing of the products or the service provided in a way that has been characterized by the branding, the package we wanted to design for these products, all these are supposed to register with the target audiences easily, unquestionably and to be received with lots of sympathy.

When talking about a package of a service, since we do not have a tangible product in our hands, we have processes and methods that turn that service into a product. If for example we are talking about a laundry service, when we would like to brand it we will have to characterize its advantages, why the clothes come out whiter, why it doesn’t ruin your clothes and why it meets the deadlines like clockwork, what places it above all the other laundry services.

We want to say that the process of business branding is a must for any business and especially for businesses that believe that they provide quality service or that they have a very special product in their hand. These are the opening data from which we set off on a process of branding, characterizing, choosing a name, logo and slogan, the right marketing for the target audiences and positioning in the market based on the new strategy,

Even if you are not branded today, it’s never too late. We have already done business branding for many clients who didn’t believe what a strong brand they have and today they are already touching the sky thanks to a professional advertising company.

Whether it is promotion through Facebook Advertising, when the product, the business or the company undergo a process of business branding, the way to success is much surer.

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